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Why your hospital needs education

Today in the healthcare market we are constantly bombarded with federal updates that include new rules and changes to existing rules that providers must understand and implement. Our curriculum focuses on all of the major areas which are expected by each department to stay current with today's rules & regulations.

How we educate your hospital

To insure compliance and adequate patient care, your staff, in all areas of today's healthcare facilities, must be continually educated. We believe in education and focus the majority of your staff's time to healthcare education programs by using Webinars, On-Site Training, and Conferences.

What you will learn

  • The Importance of Maintaining Your CDM

  •  Healthcare Reimbursement Rules & Regulations

  • CPT/HCPC & Revenue Coding Compliance

  • CCI & MUE Introduction & Understanding

  • IV Infusion Therapy Charging Methodology

  • What is Preventive Medicine

  • Understanding Bundling and Explosion Charging

  • Observation Time Rules & Charging

  • Nurse Levels of Care in ER and in Clinics

  • Implementing Surgery Case Leveling

  • Re-Engineering Healthcare Delivery Departments Through Modeling

  • The Importance of Keeping Your Prices Above CMS Fee & APC

  • How to Prevent Healthcare Fraud & Abuse

Learn more about the MedCompliance educational process and how your hospital can benefit from our compendium of knowledge.
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